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Angevaare Motorsports is a father-son business which started with the build of their race car. 


The race car is a 2001 LS1 Mazda Miata nicknamed "Green Bastard". All of the work on the car is done by Brad and Rob in their spare time. 

With the building of a race car came many new skills, such as welding and fabrication. With the ability to move into a proper shop after working on the car in their garage at home, the fabricating boomed, and the MiniJet Boats became a big part of it. 

After building Brad's first boat, and first generation 10ft MiniJet Avenger, the boats quickly became very popular through social media and word of mouth. Angevaare Motorsports then built two 12ft and 11ft MiniJet Boats for close friends and family. As the word spread, demand grew quickly for these awesome boats. 

Starting fall 2021, Angevaare Motorsports is now the official seller for 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft MiniJet boats in Ontario, Canada. With their advanced fabrication skills, they can customize your boat to fit your needs and wants, wether it be a boat for adventuring through narrow rivers and rocks, or a boat with a great sound system and LED lights to enjoy hot summer days on the water. 

Angevaare Motorsports also offers fabrication services for other vehicles or mechanical applications. With their extensive knowledge on cars and other engine-powered vehicles, they are ready to help you with your project. Please browse our services and projects to learn more about how we can help you with your current or next build.

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