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A Man Welding

Our Services

Here is a list of general services that we offer. Please contact us for a quote, or if there is a service you do not see on this list that you would like to enquire about.


  • Custom/Bolt-on parts

  • Engine parts

  • Suspension parts

  • Wheels and tires

  • Aerodynamics

    • Splitters, diffusers, wings, spoilers​

  • Fuel systems


  • General repairs

  • Aluminum and stainless steel

Custom Fabrication

  • Trailers

  • Automotive/Industrial

  • Small batch/one-off parts

  • Motorsports

    • Turbo systems​

    • Exhaust systems

    • Sensor bungs

    • Radiator bunging

    • Intercoolers/plumbing

Engine Swaps

  • Automotive engine swaps

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